Why I shop for Christmas very early!

Upon leaving my job, from full time worker to full time mummy I quickly had to adjust the the changes this would bring, not just lifestyle wise but financially wise.

I'm not going to talk about my financial status, this I believe is private & personal to you & your partner/family. what I will say though is without my hard working husband we wouldn't be as lucky as we are :)

I budget like a lot of mums do, I budget the monthly shop, & Christmas is no different in our house, although myself & my husband are atheists, we celebrate the non religious connotations of this "holiday" which is of course Love & happiness for your family & friends and those around you.

I start around March now, I start with our Son and work my way around significant people I choose to buy for my parents,hubby's parents, Alexx, Niece & nephew, a few select friends, husband,sister ...you get the point!

I always start with Alexx because he's by far the most fun to buy for,we're in July & I'm moving onto husband already!

The one downside though is space! you need space! we have a spare room currently, & for that we're lucky, it often becomes a dumping ground, never quite sure of its purpose only to throw things in.

The benefits to buying early are as (I believe) follows:

  • Spreading the cost over the rest of the year saves you money
  • saves you time
  • saves your sanity
Remember from August prices for things increase, a tactical marketing strategy by shops to increase profits, leaving you shorter in your purse! so by buying early your beating the shops at their own game!

below is a picture of what I've brought for Alexx so far:

It may not look a lot so far, but considering my house looks like the inside of Hamleys the London toy store he does not need much this year! 

I will be getting him some more bits & pieces but I always leave a little list for the grandparents & great grandparent in case they need ideas.

friends & family have known to laugh at me buying so crazy, but quickly realise it's a clever move.