Sunny Day!

Today was a glorious summer day here in England! I always find good weather lifts any mood!

Today I went with a friend & her daughter to the local kids club, we then went to the park for a picnic then we let them loose in the splash pad in the park they have.

kids club was good, a typical hired hall, it has a little bouncy castle,various toys such as a kitchen area,cars,ball pit & baby section. Alexx loves going, It can get stressful getting out of the house by a certain time each week, however, his joy beats any negative feelings I have for heaving a pushchair with my heavy son up steps en route to the club.

As for the picnic Alexx wanted nothing to eat, typical as he ate terrible at breakfast and his only sustenance was 2 pink wafers & a mini party ring biscuit!

I had created a yummy mini feast for him & a chicken salad sandwich for myself. again he'd eaten nothing unlike him but I didn't push the issue, I assumed the biscuits had "filled" him up.  

we walked to the splash pad & luckily for me this time I had come extra prepared, I even packed a raincoat in case it rained! a ridiculous notion for a lot of mums, I can hear my nan's voice in my head now "you never know when the weather can turn" or something of the like! its automatic for me, I have sun cream in my bag until there's frost on the ground haha!

We had a lovely day & I enjoyed every moment. I often think about where I'm originally from & how difficult it was for me when I moved away, but having friends here, & having random banter with a lady from my road on the way home made me realise It doesn't matter where I was It matters right now, it matters where I am now. A place is simply that. a place.

I've included some photos of our day at the splash pad, I've blurred every child other than Alexx, simply because I don't know these children or their families, & I feel its wrong to put out other peoples children without their knowledge & permission. I hope people would do the same for my son.