Room Tour! My sons room

This post has been requested a few times so as promised here it is :)

I haven't gone crazy photographing everything, but I hope I've taken enough to give you a look into my sons bedroom

As you go up our winding stairs Alexx's room is the first on the left, out of the three bedrooms we have in our home, this one was the second biggest, (the 2nd & 3rd have barely any difference.) we chose it because It's on the detached side of our home, a choice we made for many reasons.
We have a stair-gate on our landing & one as you can see on his bedroom door. 

As you open his door, this is your first glance. 2 years ago we officially had ownership to our home (papers signed & keys handed over)  Alexx's room was one of the first rooms we started on and completed. I love the arched ceiling, the light that fills his room & the warmth it has all year round!


Alexx is still in his cot, we haven't moved him into a bed because we feel he's not ready yet, unfortunately I couldn't get cot rail protectors so I had to improvise.. 
he has a flat pillow I brought from ikea specially for his age range.
He's been in his room since 5 months old, reason being he was a long baby & wasn't sleeping well in with us we transitioned him into his room slowly & he's slept great ever since!


Near his Cot on his wall is various pieces on the walls, a photo of my husband,Alexx & myself when he was around 6 months I think, An old beano mag & something a south korean friend made me years ago it says "sweet" :)

I made him the photo garland & the pompom garland myself :) 
an old double school desk I brought on Ebay for £20! I plan soon to sand it & re varnish it & make it useful again :) (I've yet to find some chairs for it!)
Underneath his Desk is a large box, this is his "memory box" it's filled with various bits & pieces which I plan to give to him when he's 21..(don't want to think of him being 21!!)  
The carpet we brought new & the rug is from Dunelm Mill. 

The top of his bookcase is decorated with a framed picture & clay imprints of himself at 2 weeks old! 
the boy ornament was amongst my Nans things, I had to keep it in here because it looks so like Alexx! 
& the pretty awesome name train by "Bigjigs" which his grandma & Grandpa brought him when he was born.
The frame with the quote is by "sass belle" 

Now this bookcase will let me down here, because I should keep it tidier but he just pulls things off so Its not as tidy as it should. especially the nappies & wipes! 
I store various books here & knick knacks 
He also has a Big Totoro (was mine) & a moomin, both of which are so relevant to us :)

Various toys for him when he just wants to play in his room & chill out. we all need our chill time even toddlers (I don't mean time out/punishment!)  

Again, it looks shameful doesn't it!, his wardrobe has shelf/draw spaces which I have all of his clothes inside & blankets & sheets.
the top of his wardrobe holds, toys he's outgrown,birthday & christmas presents,a small memory box & weaning equipment which I will keep. 
& the of course standard & very very useful change mat.

That's the end of the tour :) I hope you've liked looking inside my sons room. love, care & thought has gone into every part of his room.

Everyone has a right to their opinion & If its unpleasant I do no wish to see or hear it thank you :)

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