Organix goodies Win!

A few weeks back I won some Organix goodies, I'm not doing too badly at winning give-away's lately actually! So far winning this year 6 separate things, I'll elaborate closer to the new year on the total :)

A snack keeper, baby rice & some fruit pots (x4) As Alexx is a toddler he's way past the weaning stage! so I thought I'd use the rice with mashed banana & cinnamon to liven it up :) he already loves the fruity pots & has got the hang of the snack pot, which is much needed as I'm fed up of coming across fruit,raisins etc in my sofa! haha

Lately I've been having a sort of identity crisis.. I only thought these happened to dramatic people in corny movies!
but I've been feeling I've lost touch of who I am? if that makes sense?.. don't get me wrong, I adore my role as mummy, I especially love when other people say "Alexx's mummy" but I am Hannah too, I'll be 25 this year, twenty five! I feel slightly like the rug has been pulled from under me, leaving me scratching my head.

So I plan to enrol on a leisure course, something arty,something crafty, for fun. for me. separate from being a mum & a wife too.
part of this "crisis" involves my own self image, I miss the way I used to look, shape wise, of course I'm doing the whole "move more" malarkey, if only there was a switch to flick to make you happy about yourself eh?