Toddler & Baby #2 Haul!

I've been doing some spending lately, very naughty but I haven't in a while because I future buy for Alexx so much I rarely need to get anything!

So lets get started!

First is a 'Scuttle Bug' they retail around near the £30 mark, but I found this in a Sainsbury's  supermarket for £25, not much of a saving to be honest but the features i promise you will make it worth every pound!

First of all it brags its 3 step easy fold, & honestly? once you know how, it is pretty easy! it folds away flat, like you can see in the 2nd photo.
It's well made, & Alexx got used to it pretty quickly!, its design means we can literally take it anywhere! in our car, in the pushchair, wherever! this is handy for those of you who need something compact. it's a much needed toy because of the amount of travelling we do, we visit my family regularly & as its so compact it barely takes up any room in amongst our bags & usual stuff that's in a family car! you can find them via amazon here!

Second are these two pieces from 'Beau Loves' I adore this company's clothing, with its unisex prints means I can indulge in baby things for baby #2 even before he or she is even here!

top photo is the 'Raglan Romper Vintage yellow rabbits' in 3-6 months in the outlet section for £16
last photo is the 'Long shorts storm Grey' in 4 years in the outlet section for £12

the grey shorts Alexx cannot wear yet as he's way to small. & there's no second baby to put the romper in yet :(

you can find Beau loves full range of clothing here 

Thirdly are a pair of Organic Shoes by Kinder feet, I had purchased these after entering a give-away, I did not win the said give-away however, all that had entered was given a £5 off coupon as a thank you, which is very very kind! I brought these, because when I fell pregnant with Alexx, I brought handmade little shoes/booties for him, which he wore when he was a newborn, I want to do the same for baby #2! 
the photo is a little unforgiving but they are the loveliest colour brown, very well made & the detail is gorgeous! 

I had messaged Eva because they were for a baby that does not yet exist & that we're trying to conceive (TTC) at the bottom of the invoice was a handwritten short message saying 'Many thanks,Eva p.s Good luck!'  
This is why I prefer handmade to generic, everyone of the handmade items I've brought, have been lovingly made,created & sculpted. & Kinder feet items are no different!

I brought this gorgeous pair for £15 you can find the full range of Kinder Feet items here

Lastly are some items I brought from Clintons (a card shop) & Tk Maxx.

Leopard: £5- (a me to you range)
Mug: £3.75- (a me to you range)

Shorts £6.99- Tk Maxx
Blanket/duvet £14.99- Tk Maxx

Please note: I have not been paid to review or post these items, all opinons are entirely my own & purchased with my own money. :)

If in the future this changes a different notice will be at the bottom of each post.