Home Review: Eco Egg- Worth the money?

Today I'm Reviewing the Eco egg, I originally read about them in a parenting magazine & I finally decided to take the plunge!

I brought the Soft cotton for 720 washes, they do a variety of fragrances & a lower wash egg at 240 washes. I brought it via amazon at £19.14

How is it Eco?

It has been recognised by Allergy UK, it's not tested on animals,made in the uk,has been scientifically tested & the box packaging can be recycled.

Information on the box

"by using the ecoegg laundry egg instead of chemical detergent, you are helping to save 700,000 tons of washing detergent from polluting our water system every year."

  • Lasts for 720 washes
  • replaces detergent
  • no harsh chemicals
  • hypo allergenic
  • Eco- friendly 
  • colours stay bright
  • easy to use
  • 15,30,40 & 60 degree washable.
The Eco egg cleaning pellets are non toxic & do not contain any harsh chemicals, petrochemicals,enzymes,optical brighteners or phosphates.
Contains: 30% anionic surfactants, 15%-30% non-ionic surfactants: also contains perfume.

comes with a 10 year guarantee & they support "water for kids"

Not only does it claim to save water (great for our water bills am I right?) but electricity too which is great for us & planet Earth!

So how does it work?

It comes with everything you need for the full 720 washes

I'll admit the first time I opened the box & the instructions I did let out a little sigh.. I dislike reading instructions, I prefer to do it & find out the hard way.. BUT these instructions were pretty damn on the money, they came with illustrations under the text & it was actually pretty easy!..apart from when I knocked the egg over filling it up...

first time you have to fill the egg up with 3 packets of the white pellets then the 1 packet of the grey ones, the grey ones they claim will last the full 720 washes, but to change the white ones every 72 washes.

What's it actually like using it for its purpose?

I've been using it for around near a week now & it got all my laundry clean & fresh. as far as your laundry smelling of a fragrance, like we're used to with detergent, you can forget it, mine didn't & continues to be odourless, this got me thinking that perhaps the reason our laundry "smelt so nice" was all the chemicals! our clothes are still soft & smell like ordinary damp laundry, which is absolutely fine by me. as for other fragranced ecoeggs, perhaps they have a scent after washing, but for this "soft cotton" it doesn't. 

The maths..-savings?

the instructions book actually has a page where you can work out for yourself but i'll add mine for an example

I do around 4-5 washes a week, I used to buy a £10 box of detergent every 2 months (they were big boxes!) I worked out that in a year I spent around £180 on detergent alone! so that's just a snippet of what I'll save, I'm sure many of you do more washes, think of what you could save with that money? or spend it on? 

so out of 10? I'd say without a doubt 10/10!