Home Improvements

So where have I been? I've been rather busy lately, it was a family birthday so we were away for that, then we've been having some home improvements done. nothing too major, just new front room flooring.

We originally had new carpet laid when we moved in, but we have a living/dining room and as our son grew from a newborn to a very active toddler as he is now, it quickly got ruined.

we also plan to have another little one in the future so getting wooden flooring now would be a sensible option!



Much better I feel, we have also been given a promise from the fitter that if anything breaks off he'll come fix it for free. so a worthwhile investment! as we're not going anywhere, this house is ours! :)

We also replaced our dining table, we haven't yet brought all chairs for it but we love what we have brought so far! :)
I also plan to in the near future to varnish the table a lightly darker colour!

We brought the table & bench from Ikea, amongst this I also found some bargains for Alexx 

first is a little cake tin for Alexx's play kitchen which was only 50p!
second is a paintbrush set for £2!

& the last is what I found in the 'Bargain corner' its a little packable farm set! only came with 2 fences as it must have been ex display, but as Alexx has slowly got into animals i thought i could bulk up his chrismas stocking with animals for it!, luckily at the moment he doesn't care he only has people for it and a random horse :) i brought this for £5!

it's been an expensive few weeks let me tell you! but worth it :)