Cheap Meals

There's one thing I pride myself on, its the variety of things I can cook for my little family, I only learnt to cook by my nan & mums determination to teach me their cooking secrets & ways, cooking classes at school were shockingly rubbish, we learnt very little, if anything at all, I remember asking my teacher in front of the class what was the point of her, because she taught us nothing of how to cook, how to cook practical everyday meals like roast dinners, shepherd pies etc..  all we were taught was different types of Milk,meat substitutes- which by the way were prepared for us to "try" so badly no wonder we all disliked it.

The main thing we'd "cook" which the term is loosely used is a no bake cheesecake, flavours of our choice. whilst making a pudding is useful it wont feed your partner,child, loved one a tasty meal.
I'm proud my mum & nan took the time to teach me, something I'm going to teach my children hopefully their children.

Cooking doesn't have to be daunting.scary or a massive effort, all it takes is a pinch of inspiration & a kitchen :)

Alexx Enjoying a simple chicken pasta bake meal with garlic bread :)